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chrisitian louboutin

Simon - daily inspiration here - you are feeding us. just watched your Ted like 5 times.

christian louboutin

I agree with you . Now all became clear, I thank for the help and I hope to see more such articles.

Savina Cavallo

Great article. It's inspiring.

Laura Lee Bloor

Thanks for sharing this, Simon. And Katie, I'll be in touch with you soon!

SiMo fo'Life

Yes Man. Seriously a solid contribution to the quality of life Simon. Kudos to you and Katie for taking brilliant ideas into action.


i love your site Katie.. would love to steal you... maybe you can feed us.

Simon - daily inspiration here - you are feeding us. just watched your Ted like 5 times.

i totally agree with Katie's home page.

i have been in ed 20 years - i see the 80% daily.

we believe there is a better way to spend 7 hours a day.
we believe we all want to do good but we are trapped in rules/systems/organizations.
we believe if we are freed to be ourselves - we will learn and give back stuff that matters.

public ed involves a massive amount of people. help us http://redefineschool.wordpress.com/imagine/ and make the world a better place.

{very bold to post a site on your site Simon... i know. my why is not only the reason i get up exhilarated every day... seeking a scalable change... it keeps me up at night. my why gnaws at my soul...it keeps me starving and craving ...and bold.}

Joe Bower

Thank you for this. I especiallt love how you put that a movement must belong to those who follow & not those who lead it. So true!

As an educator I see the perils of today's test & punish policies and reduce to number data mongering as the civils rights movement of our generation. My Why is this: I wish to make grading and other ranking systems so impossible to justify that we all had to focus on real learning.

I blog about education everyday at www.joebower.org



Katie Jones

Simon, reading this made me grin. I hope that everyone reading this takes the chance to open up and share how they live their Why for the benefit of those who don't know how to live theirs, yet. I hope, also, to get to meet many more people who are just as inspiring to me as you are :) (That includes you, Chris Jones!)

A couple of incredible people have already e-mailed me their stories today.

I just want to say that if anyone needs help gathering their thoughts, I will be more than happy to help you out. Just shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. My whole purpose is not to ask anyone to write any essays, but rather to ask people to be themselves -- their truest, most authentic, down-to-earth selves. That's what's most amazing, and that's what's going to change the world. :)

Chris Jones

And through the miracle of blogs and social media, I now can know Katie as well. This is why I stick around here. Thanks for the tip!

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