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Due to COVID-19, this year has been the toughest for many people in the United Arab Emirates. Most are worried about job losses and the economic slowdown across the world, which is making a lot of people more conscious about spending money. When it comes to window coverings, you do not have to compromise on quality even if you are buying the cheapest blinds in Abu Dhabi. The prices for readymade Abu Dhabi blinds might be lower than custom made. However, you might be losing more money in the long term without the right window treatment for your home. Most customers believe that made-to-measure blinds will be the most expensive, but that is not true. Here is how you can still get the best quality at a lower price without having to choose between one or the other.

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To sacrifice and then focus on it, is allowing yourself to be pulled into the past; if you are looking forward and living in the moment, nothing is ever sacrificed, it is just changing.

Eternal Joy
Lisa :)

Jay Steinfeld, CEO

For me, success is knowing that every second I am in the PROCESS (i.e. a continuum) of improving. That's it.

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When you give up something for something that does not bring immediate joy.

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ah ? no ? yes? yes or ?

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We do not at all times get our hopes and dreams, and we never generally get our very own way.
But do not quit hope, since you could make a variation a person scenario and just one man or woman at a time.

Len Denton


Very wise thoughts. Thanks for reminding us all of the power of a compelling goal.



Simon, whether you know it or not, I'm your biggest fan. I bought your book, I watch your TED video about once a week, and I've been essentially repeating you in business and marketing meetings for the last couple of months while everyone raves about how I really get it. So thank you.

Your thoughts on sacrifice are right on, and something sparked while I was reading. I play some chess, and I always relate any discussion of sacrifice to what happens on the board. In chess, a sacrifice is when you give up something you have - one of your pieces, or sometimes a critical square - to obtain something you do NOT have, that you value more. Your thoughts on keeping your eye on the prize, remembering what it is that you really want, are perfectly in line with that. Beginners have a very hard time being able to go through the psychic pain of losing an important piece in order to create mate with the gain of time and space. The world off the board is no different.

Thanks for leading out, and for showing me a why I had never seen before.

Account Deleted

So I wonder what he catch in his life for the success.

David Nuckols

I really appreciate your ideas. I utilize this same point when I talk to my clients about acheiving health and weight loss goals

Althea Martin

Well said...It's kind of like seeing the glass half-empty or half-full. The main thing is to do what you love and then it won't feel like sacrifice.
Thanks for sharing :)


Kevin Phillips

That was a very insightful response to your fan's e-mail. Your leadership and time is appreciated very much.


Katie Jones


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