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I think the reason people hate ads is because there are just too many of them. Every where we go, everything we do is bombarded with ads for services and goods we don't need, don't want and probably can't afford.

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Some of the photographs are great, but I was hoping this project would raise some interesting questions, such as what flags mean to people, whether they still have a role today, and so on. Instead we get some oh-so-witty photos of the flag as wee or draped over the designer's dog. Maybe I'm just surprised no-one set the flag on fire and took a photograph of the remains.

Paul Cunningham

At uni years ago we were shown that there are really only three categories of advertising - sex; class; and the brotherhood of man. I'm no expert and maybe there's others but I think this remains largely true. Apple uses the brother hood of man to sell its stuff (father/daughter) in the example above. Why is this so amazing to everybody?


Wow, Simon this was a great blog post! You know a funny thing happened right as I was finishing up reading this note. I looked up and an Apple commercial came on. Its a new commercial, one depicting the new iPhone 4 and Facetime, it video chat program. In the commercial a dad is trying to get his daughter to smile and she keeps refusing. Then the dad proceeds to sing to her until she finally smiles and he gets to see here new braces. He says he likes them and she says, "really?" and he says something to the effect of, "yes, you look beautiful," and she smiles and says thank you in an reassured way. Its crazy, but within the 15 seconds that that commercial was on, I almost teared up. I actually really connected with the commercial and it connected with my desire to one day be a great dad. I connected to the Apple brand. It was awesome to read and learn from your viewpoints and then to very quickly afterwards have the concepts reaffirmed! A+ Simon for a great blog post! A+ Apple for actually creating a connection between me and your brand!!!

Check the video out at:


I'm appalled and astonished at the number of people who start talking to me about a TV or radio ad, assuming I've seen or heard it. Apparently, far too many people are still watching or listening.

I have a little twitch in one finger from killing commercials with my remote, but somehow, other people are still complaining about the terrible commercials they've seen. Find something to do in the kitchen for 90 seconds.

I do :)

Jerry Kennedy

Once again, great post Simon! Your thoughts and ideas have been changing my life/business/writing...everything. Looking forward to more great insights.

Thanks for sharing!

Jerry Kennedy
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Very odd to see that advertising is similar to a television commercial in this article. As long as you make your commercial more entertaining it will have the desired effect. How shortsighted. Also in other countries (where I am from) advertising, even when it is entertaining, keeps declining. Why? Because it is interrupting. Let's start by realizing people do not want to be interrupted. And if you still want to interrupt, I agree... do so by making it entertaining and personally relevant.

Dream Warrior Jenni P

What many big companies have missed completely is that 'Supply the demand' is so much more sexy than 'Buy my stuff'. If all products and services were tailored to society's shifting needs and whims, instead of representing an indulgent pressure hose, we would probably sit down and watch the adverts in place of the telly. This from someone who no longer watches it!:)


Simone... they've been doing un-forwardable ads on DVD's for years. (Even before Blu-Ray

Ron dimon

Or this: http://gapingvoid.com/2010/07/16/supergenius-conference-in-nyny-next-week/
"advertising is the cost of being boring"

Ted Kusio

Imagine how more powerful an ad is when it's sought out by a consumer and then shared with others. "Hey, did you see that cool Old Spice commercial?" I bet you'll never hear anyone say "Hey, did you see that new (insert laundry detergent brand here) commercial?"

Meanwhile, forcing consumers to watch ads on DVDs actually leads programers to create new technology that will people skip ads, and, hey, why not, also make the disks copyable. So in a way, the industry is pre-shooting itself in the foot, again.

Ah, the good old days of VHS...

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