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As we apply pressure to elevate them out, their brittle nature leads to pieces cracking away. Add in very strong, dense bone to the clinical scenario and we have a real challenge. I used modern instruments called periotomes to free up the root, but still had to resort to some minor removal of supporting bone in order to complete the extraction. This is the part of the process that always used to lead to severe post-operative pain. Tooth extraction sites heal by first filling with a blood clot. The body sends in immune cells and inflammatory cheaadfmical messengers; later on blood vessels migrate in and eventually bone forms in the socket- but it's a lot less bone than we'd like. And the more trauma during the extraction, the more post-op pain.

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The authors concluded that "although BCT produced slightly higher response rates and longer median progression-free survival than CVD alone, this was not associated with either improved overall survival or durable responses. Considering the extra toxicity and complexity, this concurrent BCT regimen cannot be recommended for patients withdf metastatic melanoma."
. While he hasn't been able to develop phonetic reading skills yet, he is becoming quite adept at what is known as "sight" reading where he memorizes and recalls whole words, and he sure knows his planets!

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Instead, I suspect the most likely explanation is a utilitarian one: the principal didn't want to have to deal with potentially inappropriate costumes and the inevitable disciplinary and parental hassles that go along with that.


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This is very inspiring. Good leadership will not make you think on your future, but definitely your future will be good if you've manage to do/share a good leadership.


I had this very conversation two days ago with our communication person as we drove to a caucus meeting. I wish I had this post in hand so that I could borrow the story. Another great post, thanks.

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You know why I keep coming back ?

Because of your awe-some stories. They are both entertaining and inspiring.

The marine bond is incredible. I believe that's also a reason why a company like Zappos works so well: They take care of themselves and the customers.

So first you have to take care of yourself. Then you take care of your co-worker. The co-worker takes care of his work etc.

GOsh, life can be so beautifully simple.

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