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cause and effect essay

In addition, hundreds of tasks and even research papers has also implemented to further explore the many wonders of space.

Ivana Sendecka

Hi Simon,
great thoughts!
@crime-punishment: same thing applies to Dubai, as it is one of the safest places I have ever been, due to harsh punishments even in case of a tiny theft

@value: i would say, that more and more those things which matters cannot be measured. how do you measure someone's feeling? excitement moment or "amount" of inspiration?

i use phrase: focus on WOW and HOW will unfold itself, which is more or less moderation of yours excellent start with WHY approach;=)

Keep on rocking guys,
many WOW moments

cheers from Slovakia

Todd Herman | The Peak Athlete

Fantastic comparison using Singapore justice to illustrate your point on Value.

Thanks Simon.


Hi Simon,

we definitively need a better model to understand the anatomy of value.

I'm following the subject since I header the expression "value's equation" referring to how a product, service or brand accumulates value.

I know there is axiology but I'm not sure about how useful it can be in the more emotional, right brain directed time we are facing. Emotions are still pretty much a black box for science.

I think you approach with "why" in the epicenter is simple and elegant and is helping to put purpose back in the scene. Something very very needed all around the world.

Aschwin Wesselius

Oh wow! This is a very great insight into perceived value and real value. If someone is not convinced by presence, the value should not be in the arguments. The presence should project and overwhelm the receiver in such a way he or she has no doubt and just be happy with the result. Actually, everything we receive should be in the category of no-brainer. In that category it's a gut-feeling that convinces you.

Mitch Devine

Excellent observations. BTW, Steve Averill got me here.

Steve Averill

well done love it..Brian Clark got me here..

Mars Dorian

Hey Simon,

Didn't know that about Singapore - I only know that it's forbidden to chew bubblegum, and that's a reason why I don't go there ;)

Anyhoo, the emotional value is soo essential.
I keep buying Fairtrade branded groceries from my local Supermarket - chocolate, juice and noodles. They always have that social and inspiring story at the back of their product, together with photos from the farmers/native producers.
It somehow makes the products taste much, much better...


The non-obvious connection between crime/punishment and the so-called "value equation" is quite strong as you have laid it out here.

The best part about value based on WHY vs. features is that WHY requires a much smaller investment of time, resources, and money. What it does demand is discipline, which is often in far shorter supply.

Thanks for the post!


Great post!

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