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Are you sure about setting the batting average record? Check again: http://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/batting_avg_season.shtml

Greg Liberto

Great article Simon. Failure is the most important component to achieving true success in any area of your life.


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John Sherry

Which proves, Simon, that there's no such thing as failure only constant improvement when you come back for more. What a Babe!!

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As you pointed out, obviously Babe Ruth didn't let it get to him.

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Such a great post and great story! Thanks for the read!

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very true. Thanks for that nugget, Simon. To me, it shows that when you give it your all (aiming for a homerun), you're bound to strike out more than most. Pretty inspirational... Thanks for the lift.

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Matthew Weiss

Reminds me of Wayne Gretsky's quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Laura Lee Bloor

Along the lines of not being afraid to strike out, I would add that when you do strike out, don't let it overwhelm you or prevent you from trying again. As you pointed out, obviously Babe Ruth didn't let it get to him.
In fact, all kinds of successful people have "struck out" plenty of times, but they've all learned how to look past the sting of their failure, find the positive, and try again. (If you're interested, check it out: http://tenaciousme3.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/you%e2%80%99ve-been-rejected-%e2%80%93-congratulations/)

Renee Schofield

I have been using a baseball anology in my public speaking lately. I didn't know this story, but it is right on target. So many business owners want success, but worry along the way of how it looks. I say a home run is a home run, no matter how you slide into the plate! Love your article!


Great article, Simon! Very inspiring and also very appropriate with baseball season coming soon. Didn't know about Babe Ruth's strike out record...very interesting!

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