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Constant Focus

Thank you for posting this information, it will help a lot of people.Can you tell me of other source of this information?

JC Duarte

Thanks for the reminder Simon! I especially appreciate your article's focus on the "inspiring journey" & that "goals don't define the journey, they define points along the journey, markers to gauge progress".

I find it's so important before you set off on a journey to as yourself "what does success look like". What will it feel, taste & smell like once you've reached the end of this particular journey? Who & what will be surrounding you, as well as what will be your next ensuing journey? As we all know (should know), our life's journeys are an ever perpetuating seeking of self actualization/realization, which in itself is a constant & moving target. :-)

Laura Lee Bloor

Great points, Simon. I would also add that if you don't ask why when you set your goals, you may inadvertently add goals to your list that you have no intention of ever achieving. These are the ones that if you examine them, tend to come from outside sources (family, friends, society) rather from your own genuine desire.

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