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It’s true that we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, but it’s also true that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives.

Tony Hollowell

Desire is more important than resources. I get it. And I agree!

Laurie March, @EvangelistaLA



“Customers who don’t believe what you believe will demand”
Well, when we go to fly from point A to point B we (at least I’ve never heard of) do not search for “truly believers among major carriers. We’re looking for cheaper seats first, and most accommodating route to choose. Some stupidity at first glance may strikes: relatively cheap fare from point A to point B with a jump at point C will take 6-7 hours while car traveling will take 12. But to pay “premium” and get direct flight u’ll pay 3-4 times over.
So this isn’t membership or loyalty – it’s the usury.
Generally, in capitalism there is no loyalty – it’s a package of discounts offered by, that what holds you with the vendor. If we’re talking about memberships such “Dunhill” or something that useless and snobby – yes, there are always group of rich morons who will promote such crap of “exclusivity”.

“ The huge advantage companies with a cause have over even much bigger competitors is that everyone who comes to work is there for the same reason - to be a part of something bigger than themselves”
Nope, these with smaller folks probably could not get a job at these big dogs.
Remember “You’ve Got Mail”? Classic example.
These in smaller store used to work there by occasion and ease, not by choice to stay there whatever it takes. As soon as storming competition landed – loyalty had gone with all kinds of excuses. It is capitalism – everything sells.
Your parallel with Special Ops boys a-bit off-site here. These who choose SOG are like to do it, no matter which regiment, no matter who is their commander in chief, size of paycheck, or who their enemy will be.
That is loyalty.
In business – everyone sells or trades anybody, depending on market condition, contractual obligation or their lawyer’s nose size.

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