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Jared Yellin-Brandentity

Interesting symbolism, but unfortunately valid. I have always struggled with the concept of entry level employees. I understand that everyone needs to start somewhere, but why do ceilings need to be erected over their heads simply because they have not “put in their time.” We live in a performance based world, where those that perform reap the benefits, but this is often not the case for the entry level because they are never given the opportunity to truly make a difference. Now, some of these entry employees do not mind their commoditized roles, but for those who are proactive and possess an entrepreneurial flare, compromises will have to be made. Why not base your organization on innovation where age is arbitrary and instead dedication and drive is at the forefront of the growth cycle? Will this lead to frustrations for the men/woman at the helm, MAYBE, but I say, “WHO CARES!” This should inspire them to remain focused while constantly creating new and improved ideas. Maybe this model is somewhat fictitious, but I stand by my beliefs because age is arbitrary and not correlated with insight…

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