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I don't think so?
I can say that no one is the same attitude to see the difference of each others.


Mostly people start growing they “official” face (interface) with years to come. That’s what ethics, manners and aesthetics there for.
So when we do like everyone, we’re simply clear of offenses "sackofshit" from our counterparties. We’re empty bags, just ready to start collecting some emotional “patches” for the rest of our lives.
So, sure, some of us embedded with “teddubearish” behavior. In order to form the right people to care about others, money certainly is not enough. People have to like to care of strangers naturally. And good news is there is someone who does. It is very minimal quantity of them and very rear quality gift overall.

Yes, there are some boundaries, mainly communicational human ethics and professional sense.
When those companies begin to mumbling about their “extra care” it means they looking for ACTORS.
Bc in capitalism there is not much passion to one another. Why? We’re competitors, for pity sake!!!!
No matter how many times they’ll print that corny crap such as “united we stand”, we WILL BE divided by all means. I’ll never feel “united” with “snoopdog” or “wierd-hairstyle apprentice dude”.

My neighbor? His damn dog is barking most of the time at me. My colleague? He/she is ok, but there only one seat will be available for pay rate increase and promotion to Da Supa. (So he/she is terminally mental anyway, stupid asshole, and this and that …, but hey, we both are smiling to each other from 9 to 5.)
So by living in this country for a couple of decades I do not have my “home” feeling and no single immigrant will do. By cracking domestic and surrounding society with economical pressures we’ll be divided on even larger scale as it goes. Yes, I wear my American “happygoodmorning” face every squacking day but deep inside its DA HELL.

Bc we all waking up upset, mentally tortured and disagree with this or that, we’re getting jacked-up as soon as we turn that SONY/Samsung dumbox with local cnn`ables. And crap continued pounding into our heads inside our cars with those talking morons who had lost their point 2-3 minutes ago by telling us they stupid-ass stories which nobody giving a shit about. (I turn ur damn channel for some MUZAK, you heavily immoronized dumbasses!!)
Then one will come to his “home place”, or company site. Be careful: no personal distress, no emotion other than pure AmericanDream Happiness. Read ur rebuttals, learn new tricks how to lawfully and “nicely” obtrude and dump ur customer quickly and efficiently.
And DON’T you ever spend more than 8 minutes per call!!!!!
That is the easiest ones. There are collection “account executive” folks – in order to perform “professionally” these have to have hearts and passion of a lawnmower.
I agree with you - it is all lies and their shmoozy garbage is crapalizing our every day.

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