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I fully agree with the Golden Circle approach.
It might be used also to create a Professional Value Proposition. To do so, just answer the following three questions:
1.Why can I be useful? What business driver should I respond to?
2.How do I proceed? Which area should I focus on?
3.What results can I deliver? For what improvement?
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Even i have stopped assuming things the right way. It becomes very difficult to do it. However, i found your post very interesting as well as helpful to go through.

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I completely share your view points when it comes to this topic. I thought I was the alone who maneuver such a thinking process. But yeah finally I have got a company. Let’s search more on this and share over her. What say??

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Sociology can teach us how to be more open minded about issues going on in the world today. It shows us and attempts to teach us how to live in the “what if” moment and not always have the attitude of “oh it wont happen to me.” Sociology also teaches us how to look past the different cultures other than our own to see how humans are affected by a disaster like Hurricane Katrina.

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Gosia Kung

Simon, Thank you so much for replying to my comment.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Denver and the 7dancers show (my daughter takes classes at Cherry Creek Dance; Lee is the one who introduced me to your ideas).

You are right. I was thinking about more project-specific Why
There is a deeper Why of “Why I become an architect”.

Joaquim Braz de Oliveira

Great inspiring talk Simon ! Can't wait to read your book !

I don't agree at all with you Gosia Kung ! According to me "What if" isn't at all related with the "why" question. "What if people don't buy our computers". If apple "why"'s believes are clear, people will gather around it and join the community and talk around and share the ideas leading in an even greater community and to the succes of the product(s) and the answer of the "what if" which makes it obsolete.

I understand your point of you and if you are saying this in the sense "what if we could make beter computers by doing this or that". But still the why is the core and isn't related to the "how or the what".

I hope my meaning was clear.

Best Regards.


Simon, Please you should let your blog readers (like me!) know next time you are speaking at an event. Gives us the opportunity to be there.

Gosia Kung

I loved your presentation. Thank you so much. However I think there is something missing there. Before you answer the WHY you have to consider the WHAT IF. Here are some of my reflections on WHAT IF (from the architect’s perspective).

WHAT IF comes before WHY. If Apple didn’t constantly ask the WHAT IF they would never have come up with those oh-so-cool computers that people love. If your product, service or cause is generic the WHY doesn’t matter.

I would love to see your comment on this.

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