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Jason Smith of Goal Realization

Great Site!

Many people are so confused that they don't know what, where, when, and how to start attaining their dreams in life.

The question remains: "How do I go about achieving my goals?"

The most important thing to do before setting a goal is to develop the proper mindset. By conditioning your thoughts to the direction of your goals, you will be able to eliminate all obstacles that come in your way and you will be able to achieve all your goals in spite of the pending challenges ahead.

You will realize your goals if you are bold enough to come out of your comfort zone and if you maintain that laser-like focus despite people telling you that you can never attain them.

Renee Moore

I listened to your interview on OneCoach that you did back in August ( and I was the woman who had the honor of talking with you about cold calling and Apple) and to quote what you said to the COO of 1-800-GO- JUNK, " I am having a minor love affair with your blog!" :)
I love that you talk about WHY we do things. I ask my clients this all the time. WHY are you in business? WHY are you going to that trade show? WHY do you want to grow your business? I want to know that they are passionate about what they do because then they will do the work involved no matter what. They become, as you say, ideal clients.

Thanks so much for your posts and I am anxiously awaiting your first book at the end of this month.

Renee Moore
Much Moore Marketing

Sam Lam

great simon. always inspirational!

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