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shaista shahid

your blog gives a clear concept of vision and how to write vision statement. I have to teach how to write a vision statement and your write up was great help , thanks.

Daniel de la Torre

Ya know after some thought I went to Google to see if there was something that I can use to give me some insperation and WOW is all I have to say thank you for the great ideas on how to get started and what I should and should not do to help people understand what my company is about.

Jordans 3

The blog article very surprised to me! Your writing is good. In this I learned a lot! Thank you


hey, r u like an inspirational speaker of some sort? like tony robins...I'm curious? a bsns advisor, perhaps? did u ever start a bsns before...it seems to me that u have....or r u the authors of how to books/ bsns books?hmmm...just curious...but I do enjoy reading this article...though some of my comments posted r a bit comedic...but I must say u have a lot of knowledge about how to start up a bsns.


I felt inspired after reading this and wrote a vision statement for my website/business and then for how I want to live my life. I gained a lot a clarity and cut through some of my sweeping motherhood statements to a specificity that enables me to check if each choice I make is in alignment with my vision. THANKS.

Miss J Pettite

Dear Sir / Madam

I am seeking advice as to what i would call the writing below as in either a report or a statement, or other to know who to contact for help if this is not in your line.

I am attempting to explain in writing, the consequence of a crime of deception, and the crime itself, a form of identity theft, fraud, concerning a Residence Order (case) granted in 1992, as in the court records. The records have not been acknowledged due to the (same) records having been falsified and co in side with a fake Residence Order look a like dated 23.1.1996 that i found in my possession in 1999 in place of the genuine Residence Order granted in and dated 1992 as stated above (this has been stolen) my present address where i moved to on the 25. 4 1994 has been used as a first time false applicants, of which the body's who would normally assist in such matters have been deceived by, over and above the spoken word of the person to whom the falsified written word is referring to (myself). The false details deem the genuine details (descised)as non existent to those who have misrepresented (also been deceived but) there client and X client, insulted, but not. I have written a lengthily explanation but have found it very difficult as i am not formulae with the legal terms or indeed illegal and go round in circles and wondered if you take on this sort of work where the writing is edited and condensed apart from the usual assistance, i wish to bring a case ? the solicitors and barrister involved have also been deceived, therefor as the nature of the situation is illegal an unacknowledged crime and court case (order) then i feel i am qualified to say i wish to point out the law to the lawyers amongst others, getting the explanation in order seems to be the most difficult part. This is not a minor situation.

Thanking you


Miss J Pettite


Hi Simon, Something a lot of companies don't seem to have is a manifesto... and I am referring in particular to the design/architecture/ad industry here. Icon's new issue, just out yesterday, is all about manifestos, almost as a manifesto to bring back manifestos! They aren't as useful at describing what a company believes in, but they are certainly wonderful at firing up and inspiring - even if done so through a slightly diluded vision. But it is in fact this dilusion that inspires, and perhaps makes it unique.

BTW- Wonderful to hear you on the panel at PSFK London... hope you can make it over again soon!

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