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Well written! I enjoyed reading it. Indeed quality is ignored by many.

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zhong guo de you xi yun ying shang dou shi keng die de.

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For me it's valuable and useful for everyday living.

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It's true for everything in this world!

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When injected into the blood stream, the compound bound quickly to the blood serum protein and rendered itself ineffective.

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and it's true for everything in this world. people don't know what they want till they get it

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He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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Morality may consist solely in the courage of making a choice. ( L. Blum )

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Well today everyone wants to live the life with ease...And thus we will gladly sacrifice the quality of film or the weight of a good camera to snap a few bad pictures with our phones.this post is just a quick recap and is so very well written..this is an appreciable work...


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Each work comes from a long thought process.


I grew up in a time of monotone and when we got stero we thought we were in heaven, Wow!! Now the sounds that come out of the speakers are amazing. I still prefer Bose.

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You may believe these four proverbs:
All the splendor 1 in the world is not worth a good friend .
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I agree totally, but think that part of the problem is a distinction in the definition of quality. Quality in my mind means conformance to specifications or more simply, delivering what was promised or expected. With respect to hi fi, I think the reason why consumers preferred mp3 is not a willingness to accept less quality - I think it is because hi fi manufacturers made the assumption that consumers would continue to pay for incremental improvements in sound quality when in fact consumers really valued a new mix of product attributes at the expense of sound fidelity. This, to me, is a classic case of disruptive technology.

Keesjan Kleef

I think the biggest problem is that we define the quality of a product in one aspect. With music it is either great sound, great usability or a lot of songs.

But as a consumer I want it all. But I also understand that I sometimes need to make a choice. when I need to choose one aspect is more important than another. I choose a mp3 player for music if I am travelling. The quality of the sound is less important as my surrounding area interferes with it. But the small size and the number of songs are far more important.

At home I choose for another product, because I have a location where the quality of the sound makes a difference and then I choose the quality of sound.

So as a consumer the quality of a product is more than the quality of one aspect of the product.

Alexandra Ripken

Thanks for your thoughts, dear Simon.
I agree: Quality very often means Comfort. This is an experience I made as a fundraising consultant. Quality for the client often means "to make it easy".

I "got to know you" via your TED video last summer and since then I appreciate to read your posts. I even quoted you with your name, your "Golden Circle Modell" and your post "Fitting In" in my coming (German) book to fundraising as I did before on my blog.

Have a good day
Alexandra from Germany/ Thuringia

Peter Paluska

Interesting thoughts here, Simon, to be sure. However, I feel like a distinction should be made: Hi-Fi is a sound technology, while MP3 is a delivery system, so kind of like comparing an orange tree or grove with apple juice.

I agree though that consumers do tend to have a mixed-up mindset when it comes to quality vs. convenience or hipness of the technology offered. Now, the race seems to be motivated by offering the best possible quality in the most convenient package or delivery vehicle.

In other words, the MP3 or similar music file will win out as the vehicle (for now) and it's just a question of making the sound as close to the quality of a brand-new vinyl LP as humanly possible, because we're not going back to LPs as the vehicle.
What to do?

Thanks as always!


Darren Starr

Awesome and so true, definitely keeping it real here. Great post! :)

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