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I liked this blog, i think is very interesting, most of all for the new ideas that this blog talk.

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That would be very helpful for starters. Experienced people can give a lot of good advice.

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Upstream in the supply chain, to make my solar panels and kit, if you think about it, is an alarming trail of waste, mining, manufacturing and energy use, from all over the world. Long before they generate their first unit of clean power in Marlow, my beloved panels have left some sort of trail of pollution behind them. But here’s the deal. It’s not big.

In ball park terms, the upstream damage, the ‘eco-baggage’ that my panels arrived with from day one, amounts to some 1000kg of greenhouse gas equivalent impact. They will pay that back in full within two years. They will sweep up all their own eco-mess, their footprint in manufacture etc, during the first two years of operation. Thereafter, for the next 20 years or more, they will be sweeping up other people’s pollution – and fully be in (planetary) crsadfedit, increasingly so, for each year they keep on keeping on.

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I posted the article because I felt a good discussion about it was called for. As you will note at the intro, I cut out several paragraphs that I felt were over the top and not substantiated, and some images that were not originals and could not be sourced.

Jeffrey Tang

Absolutely agree with this post. There's a huge difference between someone who leads in order to maintain his/her position of authority and someone who leads to build up those he/she is leading.

Unfortunately, when you write:

"When a leader spends more time reprimanding people for making mistakes, they will quickly create a culture in which people will fear making mistakes...few if any will want to take personal accountability for their actions. They will point fingers or come up with excuses."

... it sounds depressingly like the state of our political bureaucracy.

Frode H

Hi Simon.
Making a mistake is taking you one step closer to becoming great. Culture at work should (must) be supportive. It is also hard to teach other to lead, that makes it a even better accomplishment. :)


yeah - a grrreat leader encourages his followers to make mistakes, because that's the place where magical growth happens.
Still too many people punish, when in fact they should applaud. As long as you don't make the same mistake twice, you are good to go.

Failing forward fast under the guidance of a maverick, and you will become a maverick yourself.

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