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Question: how does someone figure out whether they are right- or -left-sided?

Account Deleted

Your bell curve is flat. I pd like to add in your theory...the bell curve should be seen as 3d like the real bell and a lot hypothesis can be derived:
1. That the misfits and the left siders can actually swing from both end if not having almost the same cahracter. Which will eventually bring out an idea that yes they can interchange.
2. If its 3d model then we are missing alot more in betweens.
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A Facebook User

I can relate to this article! I found lots of money just two steps past the path of least resistance. I use the rooftop method and make rain drops move from side to side with basic selling steps therefore amassing more water. LOL. Nobody knows what I'm talking about but I'm enjoying immediate, grand results! Great job!


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Please count me in.


Thanks Simon! Fellow leftsider here... I heard you speak awhile back and it was very refreshing to hear someone else who understands the world as I do. Always nice to know you're not alone. Keep up the good work.


Hey..for all you left-siders out there: hang on, and dont let the world make you because you can make the world...i just got incredible lucky..i have got 6 realy close friends and all are left-siders..first we where ignord, but now we are united and we dont care about the trashing oppinions of others(but we dont ignore them, because they have oppinions and dreams to realise), because we are all alone in our heads, and when the curtain goes down its just you and your visions, so follow your hart...because that is what distincs you from the rest of the world.



Simon, my boss told a group of people today that "Erica marches to the beat of her own drum" and today I read this. All my life I've been told, "You're different". I used to have a problem with it, because as a adolescent and teen-ager I wanted to be a part of group not apart from the group. But as I grew I begin to realize my gift of teetering on the line of insane and genius - I've accepted and have tapped into my potential... but you're right, it is a lonely world, people still don't understand me...but I'm okay with that.

Thank you for this post! Thank you!


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Martin Layton

It is interesting how many people identify themselves as 'left-siders', or at least aspire to be thought of this way.

I am more interested in your description of those on the opposite, right hand side of the curve. I can recognise no 'genius' who would so readily label them as 'socially dysfunctional misfits' who would feel no pain when they are pushed 'to the side' and ridiculed. To deny their humanity is to diminish your own.

The best of humanity has always identified with the poorest, most vulnerable, most oppressed. The Buddha, The writers of The Upanishads, Jesus, Francis of Assisi, Gandhi, and those like them. These represent the best of us.

Lance Lovelady

Simon how do you convert you being a left-sider person's ability and dream into a reality of a successful business or career path?

As with anything that is being built at some point traction is required to propel for dynamic movement and to build momentum. How do you ensure this success? Just working at something isn't enough. Sometimes being lazy does you better than working hard as you have to be smarter, different or innovative.

Nate Larmore

Just found your left-side blog today, Simon. It's great to hear that I'm not insane! :) And great to see you're bringing us misfits together. Thanks!


I love what u wrote.it makes sense to me. The dreams the visions and the resolve. Count me in. Keep in touch.Ncedo

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Burdette Pombier

It makes me smile every time I think of deviating from the heard of cattle roaming around in the rat race! I cant thank you enough for giving me an even bigger grin!! Thanks Simon


Love your work Simon. Sometimes it's hard for those around you to relate to you in what you think. Sometimes it's harder for them to relate, when what you've said to them comes true. Go figger ;)

Account Deleted

Thanks for the post, reminded me a couple important things about myself and others.
Very perceptive and thoughtful, thanks again.


Listen to the beat of your own drum and see the greatest purpose inside it, becomes in something amazing.


Vero Antonio Paulaitis

Loved the post!
Another lifelong left sider here, not feeling alone anymore. ;)


Funny thing about us. Although we now everyone is unique, we love to compare ourselves and find our lookalike. Sometimes feel bad when we are not like the others...

Very good article...

A Facebook User LelaRastHartsaw


Thanks for reposting this today on facebook. Very insightful, as usual. And may I add, I adore the use of Gonzo as the visual! That's a lovely little lagniappe! Q: Is it odd to be PROUD to be a left-sider? I've always rather enjoyed it. Admittedly, it has had it's lonely moments, but all in all, I feel confident that I'm getting more beats per measure than most from my personal drummer! You? Thanks for the reassurance.


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It reminded me on how laugh hard when i was a kid.

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