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so, it's not really doing 'no work' per say but doing fun work which equates to 'no work' or 'play work' =)


I think what he means is simply stated as this: when work is fun it doesn't seem like you're really working even though u r...when u work smart u exert the least amount of time and energy into what ever ur doing. that doesn't necessarily mean ur not working hard: it takes hard work menatally to work smartly. =)

Malcolm Red

Cool post

I know you will enjoy something I've written. Its called 'On the futility of Hard Work:'



Love this - helps remind me why I'm working for myself! I did not enjoy being a corporate web designer - but doing it for myself reminds me why I got into the field

Leah Dossey

Love the idea of doing "no work", but all one-man shows (or even two-man shows) have to bite the bullet and work. Moms are a great example of this, we are passionate about being a mom, but we still have to change that dirty diaper. ;)
My goal is to "do no work", but to get there a lot of work must get done first.

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