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Kiewit had no interest in running the World-Herald, Gottschalk says,
"but he didn't want his hometown paper owned by someone else." The
next year, he bought out the heirs of the founding Hitchcock family,
then set about creating an ownership structure Gottschalk calls "as
bulletproof as any in the industry."

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Starbucks sells more than coffee. In fact the coffee at most locally owned java huts tempts my tastebuds more so than what the bucks has to offer; yet I find myself drawn to the environment and the relationships I have formed with the baristas. Travelling to my third space where I get real time conversation with a group of people who genuinely value my perspective brings me back time after time.

If a site like Facebook.com could send coffee across the network and offer realtime video conferencing I wouldn't need a third space or any space outside of my home. Starbucks creates a space for real time social networking and meets the primal need that all humans crave-- a connection.

I explore the topic and a few others at www.thinking-forward.com


Joe Bruzzese

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